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NOTIQ {no-teek} is a fashion-forward lifestyle brand improving the lives of women and preserving our planet with sustainable personal organization goods and education.

What is the meaning of NOTIQ?

Our Founder chose the name NOTIQ for its dual meaning. First, NOTIQ is a creative and abbreviated blend word of NOTE and BOUTIQUE. This blend speaks to the elegant identity of the brand and the intimate luxury experience we aim to provide. Second, NO

What is the meaning of the NOTIQ Logo?

"At first, I chose a stylized Q as NOTIQ's original logo and launched my first collection of products with the Q-logo. I soon realized that though elegant, the original Q-logo won't uniquely identify and serve the brand well into the future. It was t

What are your brand values?

Inspired by our vision to challenge the narrative of Fashion from consumption to empowerment, we are driven by our brand's SPIQES values.

How did NOTIQ start?

I was born in Lagos, Nigeria, and as a young child, I dreamt of becoming two things: the first, a fashion designer, and the second, an elegant, influential woman. I was passionate about two interests, Fashion and the Environment. My dream included li

Why was NOTIQ founded?

More women face inequality at work, not for lack of talent but because we often struggle with unequal life demands and Personal Organization. NOTIQ was founded to bridge this inequity by offering attainable, fashion-forward, work-life goods that are

What problem does NOTIQ solve?

NOTIQ solves the problem of empowerment, education and environment for the fashion-conscious ambitious woman. The United Nations reports that the world continues to use natural resources unsustainably. NOTIQ chooses sustainable, human-made, low-emiss

How do I pronounce NOTIQ?

Here is how to accurately pronounce or say our brand name NOTIQ. NO - TEEK.