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Shipment not ReceivedUpdated 2 years ago

Help! My shipment shows delivered but I have no package. 

We are sorry you do not have your package. Although shipments are out of our control once shipping couriers have them, we do our very best to support our patrons as much as we are able. In order to assist you with a replacement or store credit when possible, we require a claim number from the shipping courier. Here are the simple steps:

Step 1 - File a missing package claim report online or by phone using your tracking number from NOTIQ.

Step 2 - Receive a claim number or confirmation by email from the shipping courier. 

Step 3 - Send an email to NOTIQ with your claim number or confirmation. Await a replacement or store credit confirmation.

*To prevent fraudulent claims NOTIQ does not issue refunds on lost packages. 

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